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Holding Tanks

Holding Tanks

Increase your business volume with a 300 gallon holding tank system.

  • Interlocking stacking posts/pockets on all four corners
  • Recessed ports and connections
  • Two internal pillars for added strength
  • Optional 5" (127mm) and 10" (254mm) manways
  • Molded fittings
  • Thickened corners
  • End-to-end fittings for linking tanks
  • Available in gray or natural translucent color

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Capacidad: 300 Gal. (1135L)
Longitud: 96" (2435mm)
Altura: 17.25" (438mm)
Ancho: 53" (1346mm)
Material: Polyethylene
Peso: 130 lbs. (59Kg)
No. of ports: 6 total

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