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What condition does the product need to be in? How many can I sell back?
A. Product needs to be in fair condition or better. All sales are subject to review of the product. There is no limit to the number of restrooms sold, given that the product condition and quantities per color & product type meet the requirements.

Please submit descriptive photos and provide detailed product information (this includes condition and quantity per specified color & product type). No Wooden bases will be accepted.

Can I sell used trucks and/or other portable sanitation equipment?
A. Used Satellite trucks can be submitted for review. Other Satellite portable sanitation equipment will be determined on a case by case basis.

How will the restrooms be cleaned and shipped?
A. Satellite will disassemble restrooms at the seller’s site and arrange for transport.

The Seller must evacuate all waste & liquid from the tank and pressure-wash all restrooms prior to disassembly.

Does it have to be Satellite made products only?
A. Yes; Satellite made products only. This includes Synergy & Global product lines.

How do I get paid for the units I sell?
A. Credit to your Satellite customer account or check payment will be made within 30 days of shipment.

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